My name is Alex and I’ve been fascinated by photography since my formative years. I've since enjoyed taking all kinds of photos, both as a hobby and professionally. When I'm not shooting or editing weddings, I'm out and about exploring, traveling, and taking photos of anything that catches my eye. I've been published in a range of print mediums, from newspapers to fashion magazines. I learned to shoot on 35mm film, and I often still do today. Photography is my full time occupation.

At your wedding, you can expect me to allow the day's events to unfold naturally, no staged or awkwardly posed images. I'm not one of those photographers who makes the day all about them. If you want to be posed and prodded all day, I am not the photographer for you. You've spent years planning this momentous day, so just enjoy yourself and I'll be there to capture the happiness. That's how the best photos happen. Send me an email and we can go from there. I'm always happy to chat on the phone, too.